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SolarEdge vs. Enphase: comparing warranties for leading inverter manufacturers

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If you want to make sure your solar panel system is operating as efficiently as possible, you are probably considering either power optimizers or microinverters (collectively known as “module level power electronics,” or MLPEs). In the United States, SolarEdge is the leading power optimizer manufacturer, and Enphase leads the pack for microinverters.

On the EnergySage Marketplace, these two companies are included in more than 80 percent of quotes to homes and businesses shopping for solar in 2017.

Deciding which inverter to choose can be difficult, and product warranties make a difference. Here’s our guide to comparing SolarEdge’s warranty offerings with Enphase’s warranties.

Please note: this warranty information is up to date as of March 2018. Verify warranty information with your installer, or on the manufacturer’s website, before making a final purchasing decision.

SolarEdge warranty vs. Enphase warranty: which is better? 

Both SolarEdge and Enphase offer a strong 25-year warranty for their MLPEs, with a couple of differences across their product lines. Enphase doesn’t cover labor costs if you need to replace their products under your warranty, and the warranty for their monitoring system is slightly lower than SolarEdge.

SolarEdge also offers the option to pay for an extended warranty for their inverters. If you opt for SolarEdge power optimizers, the extended warranty may be worthwhile, because string inverters don’t typically last as long as power optimizers or microinverters.

Comparing SolarEdge and Enphase warranties

Warranty coverageSolarEdgeEnphase
Power optimizer/microinverter25 years25 years (except for microinverters for commercial systems)
Other inverters12 yearsN/A
Monitoring systems5-10 years2-5 years
BatteriesN/A10 years
Includes coverage for labor?Yes (except travel)No

Read on for a detailed breakdown of each company’s warranties.

SolarEdge warranties for power optimizers, inverters, and monitoring

If you install a solar panel system with SolarEdge, there are separate warranties to cover each SolarEdge product: 

  • Power optimizers: 25 years
  • String inverters, meter, and modem: 12 years
  • StorEdge interface (for battery backup): 10 years
  • Other wireless communication products: 5 years

All of SolarEdge’s warranties start either 4 months from when the products are shipped from SolarEdge or when the products are installed (whichever is earlier). You can review the full details of SolarEdge’s warranty here.

If you choose to install power optimizers, you’ll need to pair them with a string inverter. SolarEdge offers the option to purchase extended warranties to 20 or 25 years, depending on the model. You can get an exact price for an extended warranty for your inverter on the SolarEdge website.

Activating and using your SolarEdge warranty

If your SolarEdge power optimizer, inverter, or other product has a defect and you need to activate your warranty, you need to share your product’s serial number, a copy of the purchase receipt or warranty certificate, and a description of the problem.

Once they have verified that your product is eligible for repair under the warranty, the company will repair the product (at your property or at their own facility), give you a credit towards a new product, or give you a replacement product.

SolarEdge covers the cost of shipping products for repair, as well as labor and material costs. However, if they need to send someone to repair your product on-site, you may have to pay travel and boarding costs.

Enphase warranties for microinverters, monitoring, and batteries

Solar panel systems with Enphase microinverters may have additional Enphase components as well. Each of these is covered by a separate warranty:

  • Microinverters: 25 years (except for the C250 microinverter for commercial systems, which has a 10-20 year warranty)
  • IQ Envoy monitoring system (for systems with batteries) and other devices: 5 years
  • Batteries (including AC and IQ): 10 years or 7,300 cycles

Most of Enphase’s warranties start either on the date the products are registered with Enphase or when the products are installed and activated (whichever is earlier). The warranty for Enphase batteries is slightly different – it starts 9 months from when the battery is shipped or when it is installed. You can review the full details of Enphase’s warranty here.

Enphase battery warranty details

Enphase’s AC and IQ batteries have a 10-year warranty that protects you against product defects. The warranty also specifies additional coverage related to the battery’s ability to store energy.

Technically, the product warranty is good for 10 years or 7,300 “cycles,” whichever comes first. A cycle is one complete charge and discharge of the battery, which most battery owners won’t do more than once or twice a day. If you aren’t draining the battery more than twice a day, your warranty will last the full 10 years.

Enphase’s batteries also come with a “capacity” warranty. Like other rechargeable batteries, home batteries lose some of their ability to hold a charge. Enphase’s battery warranty says that you are eligible for replacement or refund if your battery has less than 80 percent of its original storage capacity after 10 years, as long as you haven’t allowed your battery to overheat.

Find the full details of Enphase’s AC battery warranty here, and its IQ battery warranty here. You can also read EnergySage’s complete review of the Enphase AC battery system in our energy storage guide.

Activating and using your Enphase warranty

If your Enphase product has a defect and you need to activate your warranty, the company will either repair or replace the product or give you a refund. Enphase’s warranty covers the cost of new equipment and shipping products for repair. However, unlike SolarEdge, you are responsible for labor costs.

Compare your SolarEdge & Enphase solar options to get the best deal

Whether you choose Enphase microinverters or SolarEdge power optimizers for your solar energy system depends on your priorities. If you’re still considering both options, you can easily compare quotes from local installers on the EnergySage Marketplace. Four out of five quotes on EnergySage include either Enphase or SolarEdge inverters.

6 thoughts on “SolarEdge vs. Enphase: comparing warranties for leading inverter manufacturers

  1. John Perkins

    Contractor Comment:

    Solaredge is a chronic failure product.

    We installed 20 SolarEdge systems 5 years ago. We have completed at least 35 RMA trips and trouble shooting calls on the 20 SolarEdge systems so far. We have not charged our clients anything so far for all our go backs and replacement of defective SolarEdge materials.

    SolarEdge pays little or nothing for us fixing their defects. We take a loss on every service call we complete for them. Bad mistake choosing to try SolarEdge.

    Perk Solar Inc. 5 star company for 15 years
    John Perkins – Owner

  2. Steve

    Also of note:

    RMA reimbursement to installer (may affect homeowner):
    -SolarEdge pays installers for each RMA for the duration of the product warranty.
    -Enphase pays installers for each RMA for 2 years only

    Transfer of ownership (sell your house):
    SolarEdge: No charge
    Enphase: $399 per transfer

  3. Adam

    Enphase warranty covers labor for 25 years. Solar Edge has a 12 year warranty in the actual inverter but they hide it by saying optimizers have a 25 year. Inverters fail sometimes and with Solar Edge you lose the whole system and have a 12 year warranty. These products are similar by fundamentally not fair to say they’re equal

  4. Alan Adams

    On my emphase system I have 12years labor, life time monitoring system. After than it’s a 50.00 labor fee for the remaining time of the 25year warranty
    Through may elec


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